Chasing the Albatross

My adventure in search of a bird by David Lawson



0 Tuesday 24th July – update

  • by David Lawson
  • 24-07-2018

Well as you will have seen we are moving up that leader board. We’re sailing well and have a few of the other boats around us as I write. With such a short race there is lots to do to keep the boat moving fast.

It does mean we are busy with sail changes, tacks and gybes. These are the best tacks I’ve seen us doing on this overall race. Still a long way to go so we’re nicely positioned. Fingers crossed we can keep it up.

The coastline of Ireland has been beautiful. Cliffs and bays and mountains to keep us interested so far.

Still living life on the lean which makes life hard work down below. Managed some sleep at last but need more. Eating ok now which makes life easier.

It’s interesting that as we are coming to the end of this journey how more and more crew members are ready for this to end now. I don’t think life on the lean helps how people feel but I know this discomfort will be forgotten as time passes. I have first hand experience of that and I know coming back for this leg how much of the discomfort I had forgotten myself.

Weather is cloudy and damp here….well it is Ireland!

So it is Mother Watch for Aly and me today. It’s cheese crackers, pickles fruit and tomatoes for lunch. I’m also having a stab at making cake so we’ll see how that goes. Beef stew and mash for tea and then a whole night in my bunk….no watch duties….sounds like heaven!