Chasing the Albatross

My adventure in search of a bird by David Lawson



0 Friday 6th July 9.30am

  • by David Lawson
  • 06-07-2018

Well last night was a cold one…in fact as cold as the Southern Ocean. Bearing on mind I hadn’t packed for a cold Leg it was cold hands on the helm and cold feet in my sleeping bag but the best thing was finding some shirts I’d forgotten I’d packed. Result. So this morning I’m now nice and warm. Fresh shirts, one of which is thermal and 2 pairs of socks. Little things but so rewarding!

As you’ll probably see on the race viewer PSP are off on the long route again. A tour of the Scottish isles is a strong possibility. We’re trying to skirt around the wind hole and sneak in the back door if possible. Now that would be a first!! So more sea miles for me. I can hear Sir Robin typing up the excess mileage bill as I write!

Today is brighter than yesterday and the highlight of the day so far has been the ending of Trevor’s 24hr embargo on winding up Fiona. It’s a multinational pastime on the boat. So with the 24 hrs over Trevor has been letting rip with all the things he’s been holding back on and the banter is infectious!! As you would expect I personally have it become involved…..well only a little bit….well actually…..

We’ve just had a pod of pilot whales and dolphins cross our bow but apart from those and a few birds the ocean is very empty. The weather is slightly brighter than yesterday and drier thank goodness and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing some sun again.