Chasing the Albatross

My adventure in search of a bird by David Lawson



0 Wednesday 04 July 14:20

  • by David Lawson
  • 04-07-2018

Well we’ve just finished the morning session. A bit fresh up there today and had to layer up but great to be back out of the galley and back on top doing some driving. Managed a couple of hours helming over 3 sessions and I’m really enjoying trying to improve my capabilities in all the different wind and weather conditions we get. Light wind helming is still the most difficult and I do enjoy the adrenaline rush of helming when it’s windy and rough. We haven’t got into any real surfing on this Leg but that’s because we haven’t really had a good wind from behind yet.

We must all be getting a bit de-mob happy. Lots of banter across the galley this lunchtime. It’s like being back at school….boy humour! You don’t have to be too precious to be part of this group. Everyone gets ribbed sooner or later but we all give as good as we get and as the saying goes ‘it’s all done in the best possible taste’.

Breaking news on the boat is that we have found a new crew member who has been hiding away and consuming copious amounts of food. Clive eats enough for 2 and is always scavenging for seconds and now we know why, his imaginary friend, Terence (the tapeworm) has finally been outed and so Clive is now being strictly rationed. He’ll be half the man he was soon, not that there was a lot to start with anyway, to be fair.

So that’s about it from here. I did nearly manage to fall asleep on deck this morning, oops…..but not whilst helming so eith that thought I’m off to a nice warm sleeping back and a few dreams… which part of Lawsonland shall I travel to this afternoon…..choices, choices….