Chasing the Albatross

My adventure in search of a bird by David Lawson



0 Update Monday 15th January

  • by David Lawson
  • 15-01-2018


Well finally it looks like the end of this leg and part 1 of Chasing the Albatross is in sight. We should be in tomorrow now as the wind has finally backed to give us a push.

Last night we hit the eye of the storm and then the wind got up as the front passed over us from 8 knots or so the suddenly 45. Lightening all around but mainly sheet lightening. It went on for hours but when we came off after 4am it was settled. So very exciting, exhilarating and……wet!!! Got swamped on the bow several times and whilst the sea was warm the rain was cold!

Have a spinnaker up today and with good winds at 18- 25 knots we are having a final opportunity to surf the waves. It really is the most exhilarating thing about sailing and it puts the biggest smile on our faces.

The boat is sailing flatter now so it’s much easier down below although the heat is a challenge. As a special treat to combat the heat we’ve had ice pops for the last 2 days. Imagine looking forward to that in January!!!! Taste like nectar.

Well this morning I managed my first injury. We needed to drop a head sail as one of the sheets (ropes attached to the sail) had become tangled and couldn’t be pulled out from the deck. Several of us went forward and I went to the bow. The swell was quite strong and so the boat was rises on the waves and falling into the troughs behind. I had wedged myself into the pulpit area when Mike suddenly called for me to get down. Unfortunately there was no where for me to go so it was just a case of holding on. As we hit the bottom of the trough I was thrown forward and bashed my head into the metal forestay which holds the sails on. I caught my left cheek and forehead very hard. Fortunately no serious harm was done and I only suffered a mark on my cheek. Everyone thought I’d be more bruised by the incident and had it been 2 inches to the left then the impact would probably have reshaped my nose. So a lucky escape for which I’m very grateful.

On the race front we have Liverpool and Sanya in visual sight just ahead of us. We’re stalking them down and it’s likely to be a drag race to the end now. The next 24 hrs are going to be a bit tense especially for those watching on the viewer. All to play for so could be an interesting night ahead. I dont think skipper Matt is going to be getting much sleep. We’ve got our eyes on sundowners tomorrow eve if we can keep the pace up!!

The PSP night stalkers are back on the prowl tonight for a final push!