Chasing the Albatross

My adventure in search of a bird by David Lawson



0 Update Friday 12th January

  • by David Lawson
  • 13-01-2018


Oh I love Friday’s and especially Friday evening’s. After work, D and I would stroll into town and have a few drinks, pick up a takeaway then wrap up warm for the walk back. At home the log fire has been warming the house nicely….and the film is ready to watch! Funnily enough I haven’t done that for nearly 3 months now….and although very simple,…it’s our switch off from work…and switch on to our weekend. I have missed our normality…and so he has he. 8 days to go before my red tadpole is home!!

“So yesterday was mother duty. Just finished the breakfast run now and cleared all that up. Cereal and pancakes with nutella or honey, teas and coffees for the crew today. Always a winner and starts everyone off well for the day.

Was off duty after tea last night but stayed up on top for an extra shift until midnight. Too hot below to sleep anyway! A beautiful balmy night. Shorts and shirt only weather. If only nights were like this back home!

Well I achieved a new personal best on the helm last night…….0! We had 2 knots of wind so we were bobbing along with our favourite friend, the wind hole! 0.5knots going forward and 1 knot of current against us. Net result was 4 miles forward in 4 hours and 1 mile back. Cracker!!!!

Bed at midnight then felt the wind fill in at 5.30am so got up in case the team needed a hand with any sail changes. Had our first (!!!!!!!!) sunrise on this leg today. Now we’re moving forward at last but with current against us we’re making slower progress than we’d like……ho hum!

Whilst I was making breakfast Bernie had his music playlist going on deck. Gerry Rafferty and Baker Street at 6.30am. The crew laughing and joking together. A great moment and one of those special Clipper memories to keep.