Chasing the Albatross

My adventure in search of a bird by David Lawson



0 Update Monday 8th January

  • by David Lawson
  • 08-01-2018


The team ready to depart Hobart for the sunny shores of Airlie Beach


What a night !!! The red tadpole has had a great 24 hours ..come on the mighty PSP you are doing amazingly well!!

It looks like spirits are high and the team are working so well!
Here is a small extract from life on board our red tadpole!

“So this morning. I’ve just got up and nearly finished breakfast and there’s s call from the on watch for some help to drop a spinnaker. I throw on my foulies and my boots. No socks as I hadn’t got that far in getting dressed. Up on deck and it’s raining. Shower time again…..yippee!

The funny thing is though as the rain water runs through my hair and down my face it tastes of salt water!!!!

On mother watch today and have been hunting for packets of forgotten ice pops to freeze as it’s rather warm below.  Found several bags of chocolate treats and boxes of cereal bars too!

Had some great nature sightings recently. Pilot whales close by the boat, no avoiding action necessary! 2 pods of dolphins leaping 2-3 feet clean out of the water.  More dolphins playing under the bow as I was working at the bow end. Several skuas in a group on the hunt for food. At night we can hear the petrels calling to each other whilst roosting on the water. Last night was a clear night, for a change, and the milky way was in full display.

Hit a small wind hole this morning for an hour or so but now back on the move. Off to cook up beans and beef burgers for lunch. Cordon bleu or what!!!!

Love to all”